Industrial Solutions

We offer technical products as well as ambitious service features and integrate our extensive know-how into your projects. read more…

Sales Consulting

We offer you in-house support to qualify your team in terms of sales raising and increased market share of your capital goods or high-toned customer services. read more…

Technology Marketing

We offer fitted advisement in order to develop the potential of innovative products and support you at a successful market entry. read more…

What is so special about our services?

LIEBSCH+LIEBSCH on the one hand advises competently and practice-oriented industrial providers, so that they reach their customers in a better way. On the other hand, L+L itself possesses experience as a successful marketer for capital goods and customized services with need of explanation, and therefore very precisely knows the applications fields and the demands of the customers.

One more advantage for you is our knowledge as an engineer and simultaneously as a business economist. So we consider whole processes or systems and not just isolated aspects of your task.


Which service is the right one for you?

Are you an industrial customer and look for convincing solutions for production and business with quality products and services, then our Industry Services are interesting to you.
If you, as an industrial supplier, have the wish of a successful market entry or an improved sales-service, then you benefit from our experience of Sales Consultancy and Technology Marketing. Hereby we stand at your side on a partnership basis – as an adviser and actively.