From Knowledge to Action.
In Technology Marketing we link technical know-how with tact for innovation and markets. LIEBSCH+LIEBSCH offers selective support in marketing- and financial issues to creative heads.

Innovation projects are extraordinary sensitive and are subject to considerable risks of success. Therefore, only a little fractional part of them can satisfy expectations in the market.

One element of the technical risk is the uncertainty, whether a company is able to carry out the technological requirements. If this burden is taken away, there still result even bigger economic risks concerning how far the product becomes accepted by the customers.

We help you to minimize the risks and to strengthen the critical success factors of your innovation.

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LIEBSCH+LIEBSCH combines proven marketing processes for new ideas. Our portfolio includes the following focal points:


Technology Scout

  • We accompany you during the pre-seed and the seed phase of your idea and analyze the marketability.
  • We discover market opportunities when new solutions encounter “old” problems and connect suppliers and customers with each other.
  • We are here for you, if you look for appropriate implementation strategies for your innovation.

Technology Transfer

  • Your research for a new product development is still in progress?
  • We already now elaborate your concept to access the future markets.
  • With us you establish the spin-offs in your target markets.

Industry Representation

  • As qualified sales representatives we broker your technology into markets that are known to us.
  • Thereby you benefit from our profound sales expertise in the specific industry.
  • We establish valuable contacts for you and offer to you a broad network based on our experiences with capital goods and sophisticated services.