Our solution strategy consists of the process stages from `analyzing the actual situation´ to the `control of achievement level concerning the objectives´. It furthermore implements continuous routines of improvement within the marketing structure and the sales work. Hereby we make use of proven methods and tools that you can of course assign separately.

By training-measures and coaching the co-workers are actively being involved in new sales processes. This integrative approach stabilizes the success of your sales on a long term and you reach marketability, improved market-chances and new satisfied customers for your goods and services.

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LIEBSCH+LIEBSCH helps you to strengthen the sales force of your company and to answer central questions:

How can the turnover be improved in existing markets?

Which markets are appropriate and how can they be made accessible?

By which strategies new customers can be acquired?

How can your own sales activities be systemized?

How can the support for existing customers be structured?